Category: Internet broadcast
Client: Dramangular
Text: Elíes Barberà
Directed by: Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Casting: Daniel Arrébola, Jordi Brunet
Sound design: Lucas Ariel Vallejos

Aquí siempre es primavera was a job asked by the Dramangular playwriters collective.

I was given the theater text En la Primavera Perpetua written by Elíes Barberà, and after an adaptation (text length reduction), actors recorded the voices in the studio.

It is a political, ironic, and skeptical text. It talks about the velocity, the quickness, of nowdays society. But, above all, it talks about how our western world is still in a party-like way of life. Here, in the west, there's always the sun, the spring... We are consumers (we all are).

This was written two or three years ago. Things have gone even worst since then.