Care (Documentary Short Film)

Colleen Stern makes her way through the world taking care of those around her, from the birds in her garden to the elderly couple she tries to keep in their home. Yet inside the routine quiet of any given day, calamity can strike. This may be one of those days.
(This shortfilm is currently being distributed by Mailuki Films / Care page)

Category: Documentary Short Film / Directed: Jeremy Xido / Written: Jeremy Xido, Àlex Lora / Cinematography: Chris W. Johnson / Film Editing: Àlex Lora / Live Sound: Eric Reeves / Sound design: Lucas Ariel Vallejos / Produced by: Cabula 6


– Tacoma Film Festival, 2018
– 16th Oxford Film Festival, 2019
– 22nd Magnolia Independent Film Festival, 2019
– Kansas City FilmFest International, 2019