Entre la Ciencia y la Caridad (Sound Art Installation)

Museu Picasso de Barcelona asked to the playwriter Victoria Szpunberg to make an action, and she decided to write this original piece. It was presented at the Picasso Museum on 6th october 2008.
This is only a 1' excerpt (it is a 30' piece).

Inspired in Picasso's exhibition, she wrote a piece where the characters of some of the most well known pictures (exposed in Barcelona), happen to have a voice, and the museum happens to have a hidden life, where all pictures communicate with each other. Of course, visitors like us, don't notice that...

It is a tale about one of the most famous pictures from Picasso (Ciencia y Caridad), about an old woman, and about a fool man. It is a tale about love.

Category: Sound Art Installation / Client: Museu Picasso de Barcelona
Text & Direction: Victoria Szpunberg
Casting: Anabel Moreno, Ricard Gázquez, Anna Llopart, Damien Bazin
Sound design: Lucas Ariel Vallejos

It is a quadraphonic piece (the audience is surrounded by four loudspeakers), which allowed us to play with immersive sound, according to dramatic movements of the characters, and abstract landscapes.
We strongly believed this was a piece to-be-involved-in, so the audience was in total darkness during the first 20 minutes of the piece. Then, suddenly, 'Ciencia y Caridad', the picture, was projected.

After the piece, the public had a talk with the writer and me and discussed different aspects about the performance.

Ciencia y Caridad (Pablo Picasso)