L'ILLA DEL FAR (Animation Serial)

Sound Postproduction for the 2nd and 3rd season of the cartoon serial L'illa del far. I have been in charge of sound design, dialogue recording & editing, music editing, and mix supervising.

The production team was deeply engaged with this project, which due to its top quality, became one of the most valuable animation coproductions at this public TV, being broadcasted since 2012.

A couple of chapters are showed below. For more chapters visit: TVC Website.

Category: Animation Series / Client: TV Catalunya, Claret Edicions / Directed by: Ángel Coronado & Oriol Roca / Music: Marc Parrot / Sound design and postproduction: Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Produced by: Wuji House

Chapter 8 - 2nd season

Chapter 21 - 2nd season