Interferències is a film which treats the Economic Debt issue. It is, also, the first CCommons film to be shown in the spanish cinemas. Afterwards, there was a serial derived from the movie, and with the same name. Here's a link to the Interferències Project.

I was in charge of the music for the film, and the intro and final credits for the serial.
The music is inspired in the concepts of machinery, chain production, and development. I started from industrial machinery sounds that may have inherent rhythmic cadences (even, inherent harmonies), to build up atmospheric tunes that go from disappointment, to hope. From violence to tenderness. Though, there are a couple of very emotive moments that are backgrounded with an acoustic guitar driven by urban sounds rhythms.
The video is the intro credits sequence of the serial.

Interferències is more than a film. It is a whole educational project, aiming to give people keys to understand some important economic/power relations between countries. It was premiered in September 2011, and the production team (Quepo) is still giving talks and presenting the film around Spain

Category: Film
Client: Quepo Audiovisual, Observatori del Deute
Directed by: Pablo Zareceansky
Music: Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Produced by: Quepo Audiovisual