Thy Father's chair (Documentary)

Sound design for this documentary on the elderly Orthodox Jewish twin brothers Abraham and Shraga, who have to deal with a violation of their privacy when a team of cleaners arrives to clean up their house. The family home in Brooklyn has become filthy since their parents died: rubbish is stacking up and vermin are taking over. In seven chapters, the apartment is gradually transformed under the strict supervision of Hanan, who is also Jewish. The process doesn’t always go smoothly, however.

A film about helplessness, religion and loss of control in a life circumscribed by rules.

Category: Documentary / Directed by: Antonio Tibaldi & Àlex Lora / Cinematography: Antonio Tibaldi / Editing: Antonio Tibaldi & Àlex Lora / Sound Postproduction: Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Produced by: GraffittiDoc, No Permit Produktions, Inicia Films

- IDFA Festival 2016
- DocuDays Kiev Film Festival 2016: First Prize

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