Sound design for this shortfilm directed by the Catalan director Àlex Lora Cercós.

WAYS is a narrative shortfilm about a young boy, Alan, who has just lost his mother some days ago. Tonight is his Highshool Graduation Party, during which, he will have to face the pain, the guilt and the acceptance of this new situation. A realistic shortfilm, moving in and out from the objective reality to Alan's subjective reality, leading to a poetic aesthetics.

The shortfilm is currently being distributed by "MAILUKI FILMS".

Category: Feature Short Film / Directed: Àlex Lora / Screenplay: David Blaikie, Carmen Vidal, Àlex Lora / Cinematography: Felipe Vara Del Rey / Music: Zeltia Montes / Sound design: Lucas Ariel Vallejos
Produced by: Guillermo Barreira, Valèrie Delpierre, Klenimber Torres.